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Swaffham Lynn St Primitive Methodist Chapel

Baptisms 1813 to 1880


The Primitive Methodist Chapel in the market town of Swaffham was founded in 1834 after first meeting in a barn and then a meeting house formed from two cottages. A formal chapel was not completed until 1849 but this was replaced in turn by a new chapel in 1875. Following a merger with the Wesleyan sect the chapel was disbanded and the building eventually demolished in 1966. A single register covering the short period up to 1837 was deposited as part of the legislation associated with Civil Registration and is now held in The National Archives as their deposit RG4/2337. This register is a simple plain book hand-ruled with the entries as text with no formal layout. This transcript was prepared from a copy held by Norfolk Record Office on their Microfilm MF1156, for those with appropriate subscriptions digitised images are available on many of the main commercial sites. The clerical standard is acceptable and this was therefore a straightforward piece to prepare.


Event Ref No Event Date Individual Given Individual Surname Father's Given Father's Surname Father's Occupation Mother's Given Mother's Maiden Surname Birth Note
1 27/07/1834 James FISHPOOL Edward FISHPOOL Bricklayer Rose FISH 27/07/1830
2 27/07/1834 Mary FISHPOOL Edward FISHPOOL Bricklayer Rose FISH 19/01/1832
3 20/01/1835 Sarah SEAMAN Samuel SEAMAN Shepherd Elizabeth JACKSON 20/12/1834
4 14/04/1835 Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN John Comer CHAMBERLAIN Blacksmith Harriet SNESDALL 28/03/1835
5 14/04/1835 Thomas HUNTER John HUNTER Labourer Pheby BURTON 22/03/1835
6 09/08/1835 John CHILVIS Thomas CHILVIS Labourer Bridgett TOOK 15/06/1835
7 16/08/1835 Susanna Salome POLE James POLE Primitive Methodist Preacher Eleanor Salome STRATTON 07/06/1835
8 30/08/1835 Susanna BURTON William BURTON Journeyman Baker Ann PAGE 23/08/1835
9 18/09/1835 Sarah Ann TRUNDLE Mary Ann TRUNDLE 22/07/1835
10 21/01/1836 Mary Ann DRAWWATER Matthew DRAWWATER Labourer Phebe BROWN 22/12/1835
11 11/05/1836 Maria TAYLOR Thomas TAYLOR Husbandman Kezia SCULPHER 12/04/1836
12 11/05/1836 Eliza HUDSON James HUDSON Husbandman Lydia PELING 13/04/1836
13 11/05/1836 John WORFE William WORFE Husbandman Sarah LEGATE 15/04/1836
14 09/06/1836 Mary FROST John FROST Labourer Mary MANN 15/01/1826
15 09/06/1836 Sarah FROST John FROST Labourer Mary MANN 13/10/1825
16 09/06/1836 James FROST John FROST Labourer Mary MANN 28/01/1828
17 09/06/1836 Hannah FROST John FROST Labourer Mary MANN 11/08/1829
18 09/06/1836 Henry FROST John FROST Labourer Mary MANN 13/01/1833
19 04/08/1836 John BUNFIELD Thomas BUNFIELD Ann BUNFIELD 01/08/1836
20 04/08/1836 Phebe BUNFIELD Thomas BUNFIELD Ann BUNFIELD 01/08/1836
21 04/09/1836 Harriot Snasdell CHAMBERLAIN John Comer CHAMBERLAIN Harriot SNASDELL 31/07/1836
22 09/02/1837 James HUNTER John HUNTER Phebe BURTON 23/01/1837
23 05/03/1837 Isaac ROWE Thomas ROWE Rhoda BUNNING 14/02/1836


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