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Shipdham Independent Congregationalist

Baptisms 1833 to 1837

The Independent Congregation at Shipdham was founded, based in a cottage in the village, in 1833. This was one of many such Congregations formed in this area at similar times. Gradually they merged to a single unit based upon that founded at Watton. Record preservation for these chapels is poor. This small register survives because it was surrendered to The National Archives as part of the legislation surrounding the introduction of National Registration. A copy of this microfilm, MF1156, is held in the collection of the Norfolk Record Office and from which this transcript was prepared. The film is elderly but readable.


Event Ref No Event Date Individual Given Individual Surname Father's Given Father's Surname Father's Occupation Mother's Given Mother's Maiden Surname Birth Note
1 25/08/1833 William BRUNTON William BRUNTON Tailor Martha   18/06/1831
2 25/08/1833 Elizabeth BRUNTON William BRUNTON Tailor Martha   30/07/1833
3 22/09/1833 Walter WICKS Eloy WICKS Bricklayer Mary Ann   20/09/1832
4 03/02/1834 Barnabss WICKS Robert WICKS   Mary    
5 03/02/1834 Sarah Wicks SQUIRES       Susanna SQUIRES  
6 16/03/1834 Elizabeth GOOD Allen GOOD   Elizabeth   04/09/1833
7 16/03/1834 James GOOD Allen GOOD   Elizabeth   20/02/1826
11 21/06/1834 James WOODHOUSE Samuel WOODHOUSE   Mary   21/06/1834
8 20/09/1834 Thomas John WARD James WARD   Mary   04/10/1833
12 04/12/1834 Edward BUNNETT       Frances BUNNETT 28/06/1834
10 21/12/1834 Robert WICKS Eloy WICKS   Mary Ann   18/11/1834
9 21/12/1834 Mariah GOOD Allen GOOD   Elizabeth   17/04/1834
13 18/10/1835 Thomas BRUNTON William BRUNTON   Martha   29/08/1835
14 03/01/1836 Elizabeth HOLMAN Isaac HOLMAN Shoemaker Elizabeth   01/12/1835
15 17/01/1836 Henry Snesdell COE William COE Labourer Ellinor   13/08/1834
16 14/08/1836 Sarah Ann PURDY Edward PURDY Labourer Sarah   05/07/1836
17 14/08/1836 John TWAITS James TWAITS Labourer Frances   08/07/1836
18 23/10/1836 George ANDREWS George ANDREWS Farmer Marianne   23/09/1836
19 01/01/1837 Frederick Stephen WARD James WARD   Mary   20/02/1836
20 09/02/1837 Thomas WICKS Eloy WICKS Plasterer Mary Ann   22/12/1836


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