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Norwich Ebenezer Chapel

Baptisms 1813 to 1838

The Norwich Ebenezer Chapel supported the Methodist New Connection in the city of Norwich. The sect acquired a former Baptist chapel in 1812, however their involvement was short lived as in 1844 they sold the chapel to an Independent Congregation. The chapel was located in Ber Street in the south-east of the city.

A single register was deposited with The National Archive after the introduction of legislation for Civil Registration. This register was filmed by TNA and a copy on Microfilm MF1153 is held at the Norfolk Record Office. This film was used for this short transcript. The film is not of modern quality and the handwriting is not the best but hopefully these few entries have been transcribed correctly.


Event Ref No Event Date Individual Given Individual Surname Father's Given Father's Surname Father's Occupation Mother's Given Mother's Maiden Surname Birth Note
1 --/--/---- Jabez FRANCIS John FRANCIS   Bridget   06/01/1813
2 01/02/1835 George Benjamin FAIRHEAD James FAIRHEAD Labourer Elizabeth HARVEY 08/01/1835
3 10/05/1835 Ann Hill BRETT William BRETT Patten Maker Hannah HILL 23/03/1835
4 20/09/1835 Priscilla HICKS John HICKS Cabinet Maker Priscilla HOWARD 12/07/1835
5 11/10/1835 Sarah DOUGLASS James DOUGLASS Weaver Sarah HOLDEN 26/09/1835
6 31/01/1836 Samuel TAYLOR Samuel TAYLOR Labourer Maria STAFF 15/12/1835
8 01/03/1836 Harriot BADDLEY Charles BADDLEY China & Earthernware Warehouseman Harriot BLACKBURN 06/05/1834
7 13/03/1836 Sophia JACKSON Thomas JACKSON Minister Eleanor WATERHOUSE 13/02/1836
9 10/04/1836 Sarah Ann HUSSEY Richard HUSSEY Butcher Susannah LAMB 05/04/1836
10 23/10/1836 John Allen MOUSIE Robert MOUSIE Book Seller Mary Ann WRIGHT 29/08/1836
11 20/11/1836 Henrietta FAIRHEAD James FAIRHEAD Labourer Elizabeth HARVEY 08/11/1836
12 11/12/1836 Alfred DOUGLASS James DOUGLASS Weaver Sarah HOLDEN 23/11/1836
13 08/01/1837 Edmund Barker SMITH Henry SMITH Sailor Mary Ann BARKER 02/01/1837
14 12/04/1837 George WINTLE George WINTLE   Elizabeth SEWELL 09/03/1837
15 15/04/1838 John Knights HICKLENTON George HICKLENTON Currier Susannah KNIGHTS 22/03/1837


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