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Coltishall United Methodist Circuit

Baptisms 1874 to 1880

This small register is catalogued by Norfolk Record Office to the United Methodist sect in Coltishall, the various Methodist sects went through a series of schisms and rejoining events and the alliance of this chapel probably changed several times during its lifetime. This small circuit was created from the larger circuit based upon the city of Norwich and lasted for just a short time. A single register, Norfolk Record Office catalogue reference FC79/402, covers the period of this transcript and runs onwards to 1894, it is filmed on Microfilm MF1776 in their collection which was used to prepare this transcript. The register is a typical Methodist register preprinted with 4 entries per page and is in a very good condition making reading easy.



Event Ref No Event Date Individual Given Individual Surname Father's Given Father's Surname Father's Occupation Mother's Given Mother's Maiden Surname Birth Note
1 01/01/1874 Robert George FITT Edmund Charles FITT Emma Age 10 weeks
2 05/09/1875 Elizabeth Jane THIXTON William Joseph THIXTON Jane Age 11 years 2 weeks
3 05/09/1875 Ernest Albert THIXTON William Joseph THIXTON Jane Age 5 months
4 05/09/1875 Albert Josiah SHINGLES Thomas John SHINGLES Mary Ann Age 6 years 11 months
5 05/09/1875 Florence Melina SHINGLES Thomas John SHINGLES Mary Ann Age 4 years 11 months
6 05/09/1875 Herbert James SHINGLES Thomas John SHINGLES Mary Ann Age 1year 6 months
7 04/03/1877 Fanny Matilda Maud COMAN Charles Henry COMAN Ellen Age 14 weeks
8 13/02/1878 Blanch Elizabeth HAMMOND John Richard HAMMOND Jemima Age 9 weeks
9 17/03/1878 Thomas William COMAN Charles Henry COMAN Ellen Age 7 weeks
10 01/12/1878 Bessie ALLEN John ALLEN Hannah Age 8 weeks
11 22/06/1879 May Harriet BLACKBURN Richard BLACKBURN Harriet Age 5 weeks
12 02/03/1880 William Alderton ALLEN William ALLEN Kezia Age 3 months
13 14/03/1880 Robert William TUNMORE Robert Smith TUNMORE Eliza Age 5 weeks
14 19/10/1880 Edgar Scott ALLEN Robert ALLEN Rachel Age 10 weeks


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