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Baconsthorpe United Methodist Circuit

Baptisms 1865 to 1880

The United Methodist Circuit based on the north Norfolk village of Baconsthorpe was one of a number of small circuits which were formed from the prior Circuit based on Fakenham. The records for this circuit have been recently opened to the public and filmed on Microfilm MF 1775 in the collection of the Norfolk Record Office. The set of records is rather small but is included for completeness. The register continues up to 1969.


Event Ref No Event Date Individual Given Individual Surname Father's Given Father's Surname Father's Occupation Mother's Given Mother's Maiden Surname Birth Note
1 01/12/1865 Hannah Frances BURTON William BURTON   Frances   Age 2 wks
2 17/07/1867 Herbert Henry WARD Peter Wilson WARD   Caroline   Age 5 wks
3 16/06/1868 John Henry BURTON William BURTON   Frances   Age 5 wks
4 09/03/1869 Harriet Elizabeth MOORE William MOORE   Mary Ann   Age 7 wks
5 04/04/1871 Arthur James BURTON William BURTON   Frances   Age 3 mth
6 16/05/1871 James Thomas NEAL George NEAL   Elizabeth Eliza   Age 3 wks
7 15/10/1872 Isabella Rebecca BURTON William BURTON   Frances   Age 8 wks
8 31/03/1875 Willis George BURTON William BURTON   Frances   01/01/1875
9 14/03/1876 Eliza HAZELWOOD William HAZELWOOD   Mary Ann   Age 7 wks
10 20/06/1876 Thomas Walter ROWE Walter ROWE   Hannah    
11 08/05/1877 Thomas Henry RIVETT Samuel RIVETT   Sophia   30/03/1877
12 05/06/1877 Arthur William BURTON William BURTON   Frances   14/04/1877
13 25/07/1877 George Henry DALE George DALE   Betsy   03/06/1877
14 14/08/1877 Frederick James SILENCE Alfred James SILENCE   Sophia   13/07/1877
15 16/07/1879 Sarah Elizabeth BURTON William BURTON   Frances   08/06/1879
16 16/07/1879 Sarah Elizabeth GROUT Henry GROUT   Martha Ann   09/05/1878


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